I am a software developer and student @KISK based in Brno.

Feedu.io was a tool for marketing agencies. It enhanced e-commerce dynamic ads by automatic processing of product catalogues.

Simple chatbot which recommends Czech books from 100 Years, 100 Books exhibition.

Production-ready prototypes (ReactJS) of the car booking process for MadCarrental.com.

I helped in Center for kids with autism on setting proper way of communication with their non-professional audiences.

Resselmarket.cz was an attempt to run cool online second-hand marketplace.

Organisation and propagation of programming meetups during my secondary school.

Order manipulation desktop application (ElectronJS) designed and built to fit specific production company needs.

Issue reporting service between school network/tech administrators and school network users.

Participation in a redesign of the local animal shelter website <3.

Technologies I use

JavaScript, Python, PHP, C, GNU Octave, Docker, GIT, Linux, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, AWS, ReactJS, ElectronJS, MySQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, Symphony, Vim & JetBrains IDEs.

I am interested in

Software architecture and engineering, AdTech (ecommerce ads optimization), EdTech (MOOCs, adaptive learning/teaching), e-government, open source (and many more open things), IoT development, low level programming, machine learning, data science, human-computer interaction.

Things I love

Walking in the woods, hiking, running, great works of art, primitive music.
Beloved courses & MOOCs: Digital electronics (circuits design and principles), Operation systems (linux basics), Introduction to low level programming, Machine learning and Financial markets on Coursera.

Send me e-mail or chat with me on Messenger, see my GitHub, LinkedIn and reading list.